Private Coaching & Accountability Private Coaching & Accountability

Private Coaching & Accountability

Goal Setting. Mindset Coaching. Habit Development. Entrepreneurship. Personal Growth.

Private Coaching & Accountability


A total of 6.0 hours of private coaching time is broken down into various 15, 30, 45 & 60-minute virtual segments. These sessions are schedule to meet your personal coaching and accountability needs, which would be determined in your preliminary strategy session.

How do I learn more?

A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success. These relationships should never feel forced.

Start by scheduling a free no-obligation 10-minute compatibility call where we can run through a series of questions to help you determine if I am the right person for you and your journey. It all starts with a quick call.

Roz - VCA Alumni

Toronto, Ontrario

Through your generosity and kindness, you changed my life and gave me the courage to step ahead and just do it. You helped me find my why and my purpose.

Thank you Trevor!