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Helping highly motivated individuals calm their minds, manage expectations, create a simple habit plan, and take action on their goals!

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted by racing thoughts, poor focus, and inconsistent results as you pursue your personal growth and development goals?

I get it! I have been there many times as an athlete and entrepreneur, and continue to see this daily in my work as a habit and confidence coach.

I am guessing you have some what's the next step?

A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success.  These relationships should never feel awkward or forced, and a free no-obligation 10-minute compatibility call is always the best starting point.

I can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need, to confidently determine if I am the right person for you and your journey.

Perhaps you do not connect with my coaching philosophy, maybe my hours of operation don't work for you, my delivery style and sense of humour may drive you nuts, or you may just not like the way I style my hair...whatever the reason, I am totally cool with that, no explanation is ever needed.

These calls are a great starting point for you in your search for a coach...let's book one today!

VCA Alumni

Through your generosity and kindness, you changed my life and gave me the courage to step ahead and just do it. You helped me find my why and my purpose.

 Thank you Trevor!