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Helping highly sensitive chronic over-thinkers break through paralysis-by-over analysis and launch a profitable service-based business!

Group Coaching Program Summary

I help highly sensitive chronic over-thinkers - frustrated and frozen by fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm - calm their minds, find perspective, and break through paralysis-by-over analysis!

So they can can calmly transition into the world of entrepreneurship and confidently turn their skills, knowledge and experience into a profitable service-based business.

My clients go from passionate-to-profitable, without the use of high priced tech, paid ads, cold DM's, aggressive sales tactics, or subscribing to the hustle culture.

Just simple, straightforward steps they can install in their life one day at a time; Shifting their mindset, creating a clear business vision, writing a simple marketing plan, and building an effortless sales strategy they can launch and grow with well into the future.

As an entrepreneur, former entertainer, keynote speaker, mindset coach, and over-thinker in recovery, I have both experienced and witnessed the impact chronic overthinking, perfectionism, and procrastination can have on our service-based business operations.

I myself became an "entrepreneur by accident" in 2000 and quickly realized I was skilled enough to work in my business, but unaware of how to strategically work on my business. Chaotic thinking eventually took root and I began to feel lost, confused, stuck and pulled in a million directions.

I began to feel defeated, highly inefficient, and struggled to believe in myself...I was burning out and losing hope; my dreams of owning a successful business were slowly fading.

The fine line between being passionate and being profitable can be razor thin sometimes. In the end, I came to realize that I needed a thinking partner to simplify my thinking and teach me the entrepreneurial mindset.

When I finally acknowledged that things in my strategy needed to change, and accepted the fact that success was ultimately going to be an inside job, coaches, mentors, and learning opportunities began to appear in my world.

Fast forward many years, and today, I am an award winning entrepreneur, speaker and mindset coach who has launched countless service-based businesses, and grown them all into success business models. 

Most people are only a few minor adjustments away from owning a successful business, and these little shifts can have a BIG impact on their life.  Together, my clients and I address the three core challenges which keep them stuck in launch mode.

1) NO CLEARLY DEFINED BUSINESS VISION - We reframe their mindset and create a clear and confident business vision they can take strategic action with.

2) NO CLEARLY DEFINED MARKETING PLAN - We create a simple and straightforward marketing plan that builds trust with their audience, attracts new prospects, and builds a raving fan base.

3) NO CLEARLY DEFINED SALES PROCESS - We create a simple sales process that effortlessly engages their prospects and transitions them from curious onlookers to paying clients.

The result?

They calmly and confidently build a business model they can launch and strategically grow with into the future, which supports the work-life freedom and flexibility they desire for themselves and their family, while doing something they love for a living!

Don't take my word for it...Here is what my client Petra had to say:

"Trevor you have the unique ability to switch my day from survival mode to thriving mode.

You are the most genuine, kind & encapsulating person; I find myself completely immersed in your every word. 

You showed you believe in me and gave me the tools to find real value and purpose, believing in myself again.

You are one of life’s real treasures, thank you so much for being you & helping me to be me, I will be forever grateful!"

How the program works; You will receive...

COURSE MATERIALS...Lifetime access to all core content videos and worksheets...when the program is done, they are yours to keep.

COACHING CALLS...12 weeks of access to our weekly 60-minute interactive group coaching calls. These live calls occur every Tuesday @ 9:00 AM MST (11:00 AM EST). Recordings/Replays of these calls are available in our private FB Community.

FIRESIDE CHATS...12 weeks of access to our weekly 30-minute live Fireside Chats every Thursday @ 9:45 am MST (11:45 am EST). These casual drop-in sessions are powerful tools in your journey. They are a great way to reground yourself each week.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP...12 weeks of access to our private FB Community. Our community offers course content, coaching call replays, bonus content, peer-to-peer conversations, brainstorming, support and accountability. It is a virtual classroom for you and your peers...the people who get you and your journey.

These relationships should never feel forced; In order to have success a genuine connection must be felt between coach and client.

I am sure you have a ton of questions, so I always recommend you start by scheduling a free no-obligation 10-minute compatibility call, where I can answer your questions and you can determine if I am the right person for you and your journey.

Roz - VCA Alumni

Toronto, Ontrario

Through your generosity and kindness, you changed my life and gave me the courage to step ahead and just do it. You helped me find my why and my purpose.

Thank you Trevor!