It's An Inside Job

Health, happiness & wellness are inside jobs. Finding perspective, committing to an action plan and remaining accountable to yourself are all key!

Now and then, seemingly out of nowhere, I find myself knocked off balance by a life circumstance beyond my control.

You know what I am talking about, right?!?!

One minute, life seems to be moving along relatively smoothly, then - BOOM - you end up in the ditch, dusting yourself off and wondering, "What. Just. Happened?

It can be any number of things, a conversation that didn't go as planned, career uncertainty, unexpected aches and pains, health concerns, car problems, a poor night's sleep, a sick child, an argument with a spouse, or even a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

In 2012, my chronic pain journey began without warning. As the years wore on, the uncertainty of my future left me feeling fearful.

At a loss for what to do next, I was overthinking everything and struggled to find real traction in my day. I began to feel like a passenger in life and a victim of my circumstances.

The constant what-ifs and future tripping left me drained and exhausted, and I struggled to be present for my life, my wife, my kids and my career.

I had lost all sense of self somewhere along the way.

I struggled with self-love, self-care, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-awareness; bottom line, I was numb and purely living in survival mode every day.

Years of waiting and wondering always led to more worrying, so rather than waiting for things around me to change - the things I didn't have control over in the first place - I had to change my perspective.

While I didn't have control of the circumstances around me, I always did have the ability to take control of the attitude, action and energy I directed toward them.

What did I learn through it all?

The more I focussed on the things I did have control of, the more things I began to feel like I did have control over. When I shifted my focus inside, I found passion, purpose and clarity again. It was empowering!

I was providing myself with the stability and consistency I so desperately desired in my day, all by focusing on my daily habits and self-care routines.

My life improved when I found perspective, put a committed and sustainable action plan in place, and became accountable to myself again.

Health, happiness and wellness are always inside jobs.

Be well...and have the BEST day you can!

Trevor "Douglas" Moore