Trevor Moore's Virtual Coaching Academy Trevor Moore's Virtual Coaching Academy


Helping overwhelmed and anxious adults who are stuck in the daily grind of life and living in survival mode, frustrated by racing thoughts and a lack of rhythm, energy and flow in their day!

I'm Trevor Moore, a husband, father, speaker, coach, chronic pain warrior, mental health advocate, kindness crusader, and "over-thinker in recovery!"

When my mental health crosses up with an acute phase in my chronic pain journey - complex regional pain syndrome - things in my neurodivergent brain quickly become overwhelming. I can lose all rhythm and balance in my life in the snap of a finger.

Stabilizing things always begins with a shift of my mindset, and a focus on my personal habits and self-care routines. These building blocks of personal growth lead to confidence, focus and motivation.

Sometimes it is easier said than done, right?!

Trust me, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and will probably share the story with you at some point.

I am a storyteller who loves creatively weaving messages and meaning together through analogies, metaphors, visuals, and experiential storytelling, helping my clients find perspective, clarify their goals, maintain their focus, and find the confidence and motivation to take action on the trajectory of their personal growth


My virtual course provides the information you need to confidently map out your goals and build a clear and committed path for your transformation!


My weekly coaching and accountability calls provide the implementation strategies, tips, advice, and accountability you need to stay focussed!


My community provides the inspiration, peer mentorship, support, advice, perspective, and energy needed to take action with optimism