With Trevor Moore, Habit & Confidence Coach

When Paralysis by Over-Analysis takes over, you feel frozen with self-doubt and fear of failure, leaving you feeling lost, frustrated and overwhelmed.
Exhaustion and confusion begin to feel like your standard operating procedure. You move through your day mindlessly surviving your responsibilities one task at a time.

Your hobbies, activities and self-care no longer bring you joy; You lose the passion purpose and clarity in your life; You are simply surviving each day.

 Rinse-Repeat and do it all again tomorrow. You get it right!?!

When life knocks you off balance and halts your growth plans, simplicity is your friend.  Let's be real for a moment, it was likely complexity that brought out the Stinking-Thinking in the first place.

Learning to Think in Motion will help you thrive and own your day with intention, so you can build the rhythm and harmony you dream of!


Leveraging creative thinking, metaphors, analogies, and experiential story telling to shape perspective and find the confidence and clarity in your story!


Leading your process with patient optimism and loving realism. Bringing your story to life with simple and sustainable steps!


Peer-to-peer support in "The Clubhouse" membership community, providing inspiration, perspective, and strategy!