Trevor Moore's Virtual Coaching Academy Trevor Moore's Virtual Coaching Academy


I help overwhelmed and anxious adults find perspective, set clear goals, and confidently build the habits to achieve them!

I'm Trevor Moore, and I am a husband, father, chronic pain warrior, mental health advocate, keynote speaker, habit coach, and over-thinker in recovery.

From my experiences with mental health, chronic pain - complex regional pain syndrome - and my own personal journey through neurodiversity, I know all too well that when your life begins to feel busy, overwhelming, or unmanageable, you will rely heavily on your mindset, daily habits, routines, and self-care strategies, to get keep you organized, energized and motivated.

I know, easier said than done right?

Trust me, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and will always share the story with you if you ask!

 I am a storyteller at heart, so my coaching style leverages my childlike curiosity, calming presence, and creative mind, to weave message and meaning together in my work.

Through analogies, metaphors, visuals, and experiential storytelling, I will help you calm your mind, shape your perspective, simplify your goals, maintain your focus, find your motivation, and take meaningful steps today!


Find confidence by shaping your perspective through creative thinking, analogies and experiential story-telling.


Bring your story to life through simple, sustainable steps led by patience, perspective, optimism and loving realism.


Gain inspiration, perspective, connection and peer-to-peer accountability through our private virtual group classroom.