Helping new coaches/entrepreneurs confidently attract paying clients for their online business!


If you are a teacher, coach, or trainer with limited entrepreneurial experience - who is overwhelmed by the leap into self-employment, struggling to build an engaged audience, and unsure how to attract paying clients for your online business - the Entrepreneur's Road Map will help you confidently package, price, and sell your wisdom, knowledge and skills.

In just 12 weeks, you will learn how to launch and grow your dream business, so you can live with the time, location and financial freedom you desire for yourself and your family...all without the use of paid ads, high-end tech, complicated funnels, cold DM"s or aggressive sales tactics!

Just sound fundamental principles - that you can apply both on or off-line - that will help you turn your personal experience, passionate hobby, or side hustle into a reliable income with as little as a smart phone, laptop, and a dependable Wi-fi connection.

Together in this program we solve the three key challenges that leave you feeling stuck at the starting blocks, so you can confidently launch and grow a business that provides you the time, location, and financial freedom you and your family desire.

1. Delivery Concerns - Worrying and wondering if people will be interested in what you have to offer. Will you be able to get them the results you promised? Will they buy it?

2. Audience Issues - People do not know who you are, what you offer, or how you can help them. Will you be able to build a following, make connections, and find warm leads?

3. Sales Discomfort - You are uncomfortable with the idea of selling and scared of coming across as pushy. Will you be able to make sales in a way that feels good for both you and your potential clients? 

At the end of our 12 weeks together, you will posses the tools to:

- Creatively create a simple one-page business plan. No more complex documents and paralysis by over-analysis…just the practical and tactical information you need to know right now and nothing more!

- Confidently package your services in a way that serves both you and your clients. No more racing thoughts, excessive worry, self-doubt, or doomsday thinking…just clear focused actions and results you and your clients both believe in.

- Effortlessly build a warm and engaged audience that believes in you and your business. No more struggling to find leads…just good old-fashioned networking fundamentals that work both on and off-line.

- Comfortably sell your services in a way that feels good to you, so you can live life with the time, location, and financial freedom you and your family desire. No more awkward conversations, cold DM’s, or aggressive sales tactics…just simple strategies done in a way that feels easy and authentic. 


"I felt scattered, overwhelmed, and a bit lost.

Trevor helped me create manageable shifts in my personal and business life that moved me toward action and reignited my enthusiasm and passion.

I now feel un-stuck, and my goals are not only within reach, but I’m excited to see where my vision will take me!

Kristen, Rebelpoweryoga.com
VCA Alumni


A 12 week membership inside our private FB community classroom - AKA: The Conference Room - which is a safe and distraction free place to connect and engage with your coach and peers. Inside The Conference Room, you will find deeper peer-to-peer connection, support and coaching, inspiration and mentorship, perspective and accountability.

12 Weeks of group coaching calls - recorded live every Tuesday at 3:00pm MST / 5:00pm EST, with replays being posted inside The Conference Room within 24hrs. While it is recommended you attend coaching calls live whenever possible, the entire program can be done without ever attending a single live session. Although not ideal, it is doable in the right hands. Hybrid attendance is quite common...you only need a smart device and a decent wifi connection!

A content library of pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and bonus content.  You can access and work through this library at your own pace and on your own time. You get lifetime access to this content library, including all future updates.


A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success. These relationships should never feel awkward or forced, and a free, no-obligation, 10-minute compatibility call is always the best starting point.

Perhaps you do not connect with my coaching philosophy, my hours of operation don't work for you, my delivery style and sense of humour may drive you nuts, or you may not like how I style my hair. Whatever the reason, I am cool with that; I need no explanation.

I can answer your questions and provide the information you need to confidently decide if I am the right person for you and your journey...book your call today!


16 Hours