Helping competitive athletes manage expectations, practice with a purpose, and play with confidence!


Playing With Confidence helps competitive athletes - who are overwhelmed by expectations and frustrated by inconsistent results - break through their performance anxiety, so they can confidently and consistently play to their full potential!

In this program you will learn powerful strategies to shape perspective, solve problems, set goals, practice with a purpose, and play with confidence, and perform to your potential in competition.

After our time together, you will find yourself concentrating more on the things that matter and worrying less about the things that don't. 

At the end of twelve weeks, you will possess the tools to...

  • Reasonably manage your mindset and perspective when facing adversity, injuries, and unforeseen challenges.

  • Clearly identify personal growth opportunities for yourself in a positive way. No more negative self-talk, perfectionism or self-loathing...just good honest personal self-assessment!

  • Practically set goals and solve your problems. No more confusion or scattered thinking...Just a clear path forward!

  • Tactically take action and build the habits and routines needed to execute your plans. No more overwhelm or procrastination...just simple steps done consistently well!

  • Relax, be patient with yourself, trust the process, and get out of their own way, so you can begin practicing with a purpose and competing with confidence!


"When I first began working with Trevor, I was struggling to make the jump into college sports. I was riddled with performance anxiety and overthinking everything.

Thanks to Trevor's easy-to-follow strategies, analogies, and relaxed demeanour, I was able to maintain my composure, regain confidence in myself, and perform up to my full potential more frequently. He taught me how to recognize the aspects that I can manage during difficult circumstances, which enabled me to keep my cool when under stress!

Four years later, our work together manifested into a silver medal at the CCAA National College Golf Championship, a national fair play award the following year...and I now regularly apply his lessons to my daily life as a Registered Nurse."

Nicole, VCA Alumni & Former College Athlete
Ottawa, Ontario



03 Hours

Playing With Confidence includes a content library of pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and mindset exercises that you can access and work through at your own pace and on your own time. You get lifetime access to this library, including all updates and upgrades.

Beyond the content library itself, this interactive program gives you access to twelve weeks of live online group coaching sessions every Thursday at 3:45pm MST / 5:45pm EST.

While it is recommended you attend live when possible, the entire program can be completed without ever attending a single live call. All coaching calls are recorded and shared with the group, inside our private community classroom and bulletin board which you have access to for your twelve weeks with us.

Our private community classroom and bulletin board - AKA: The Locker Room - gives you a safe and distraction free place to connect and engage with your peers. You will find peer-to-peer support, inspiration, mentorship, perspective and accountability along with coaching feedback and access to weekly coaching call replays.


A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success. These relationships should never feel awkward or forced, and a free, no-obligation, 10-minute compatibility call is always the best starting point.

I can answer your questions and provide the information you need to confidently decide if I am the right person for you and your journey.

Perhaps you do not connect with my coaching philosophy, my hours of operation don't work for you, my delivery style and sense of humour may drive you nuts, or you may not like how I style my hair. Whatever the reason, I am cool with that; I need no explanation.