Helping competitive athletes, teams, and coaches confidently manage expectations, and consistently play to their full potential!


If you are a competitive athlete - who is overwhelmed by nervousness in competition and struggles to consistently play to your potential - Playing With Confidence will help you break through your performance anxiety so you can practice with a purpose and confidently play to your potential!

Trevor will walk you through his simple three step framework known as the Three A's - Acknowledge, Accept, and Act - which will help you find the confidence and clarity you need to practice with a purpose, play with confidence, and consistently perform to your potential in competition.

Together we will solve the three key challenges that leave you feeling overwhelmed, so you can take control of your practice and play, and begin confidently pursuing your competitive goals with passion and purpose.

1. Lack of Clarity - You have experienced a loss of confidence, clarity, and perspective, and find yourself unsure of where to start. 

2. Commitment Issues - You have no committed path forward and find yourself busy but rarely productive, switching directions or quitting anytime you experience resistance or adversity.

3. Inconsistent Action - Your current daily habits and personal routines are inconsistent and do not align with your goals.

At the end of your 12 weeks together, you will posses the tools to:

- Calmly manage your mindset and perspective when facing adversity, change, and unforeseen challenges. No more racing thoughts, excessive worry, self-sabotage, or doomsday thinking!

- Clearly identify personal growth opportunities for yourself in a positive way. No more negative self-talk, perfectionism or self-loathing...just good honest personal self-assessment! in.

- Practically set your goals and confidently solve problems along the way. No more confusion or scattered thinking...Just a clear path forward!  

- Tactically build personal habits and execute self-care routines that align with your vision. No more guilt, overwhelm, people pleasing, burning the candle at both ends, or subscribing to the rise-n-grind mentality...just simple steps done consistently well!

-  Remain patient and accountable to yourself, so you can begin trusting yourself and the process, and take meaningful action each and every day, so you can concentrate more on the things that matter and worry less about the things that don't!


"When I first began working with Trevor, I was struggling to make the jump into college sports. I was riddled with performance anxiety and overthinking everything.

Thanks to Trevor's easy-to-follow strategies, analogies, and relaxed demeanour, I was able to maintain my composure, regain confidence in myself, and perform up to my full potential more frequently. He taught me how to recognize the aspects that I can manage during difficult circumstances, which enabled me to keep my cool when under stress!

Four years later, our work together manifested into a silver medal at the CCAA National College Golf Championship, a national fair play award the following year...and I now regularly apply his lessons to my daily life as a Registered Nurse."

Nicole, VCA Alumni & Former College Athlete
Ottawa, Ontario


A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success. These relationships should never feel awkward or forced, and a free, no-obligation, 10-minute compatibility call is always the best starting point.

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