The Habit Exchange w/Trevor Moore The Habit Exchange w/Trevor Moore


Helping overwhelmed and anxious adults who feel stuck in the busy grind of life, reclaim their personal habits and self-care routines!

Are you burnt out, knocked off balance by life, and stuck in survival mode?

As a neurodivergent adult who has managed chronic pain and mental health challenges my whole life, I know how delicate life balance can be. Unexpected challenges, adversity and moments of uncertainty can derail the momentum of my goals in the snap of a finger and leave me overwhelmed by fear and self-doubt.

I spent many years as a passenger in my own life, feeling lost, confused and frustrated by what I began to believe was a lack of motivation and laziness. Perfectionism, procrastination and constant worry crept in, and I felt alone, discouraged and completely stuck.

The stress eventually took its toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally as I struggled to find the confidence, focus, and motivation to move forward with my personal goals.

Eventually, I realized that success with my personal goals had more to do with my mindset, personal habits, and self-care routines than complicated systems and plans!

It was easy to subscribe to the hustle mentality in today's fast-paced world; however, in the end, it simply left me feeling frustrated, exhausted and pulled in a million directions at once.

When adversity struck, I relied heavily on my mindset, personal habits, and self-care routines. Ironically, these are the first things I neglected or let go of when my world became busy, overwhelming, and unmanageable.

My happiness, health, and wellness suffered, and my personal goals took a backseat to life's challenges. I simply did not have enough gas in the tank to get to the finish line and lost all sense of self in the along the way.

Fast forward many years, and today, I am a passionate speaker and coach, helping overwhelmed and anxious adults who feel stuck in survival mode - and are frustrated by low motivation, racing thoughts, and a lack of energy and flow in their day - build sustainable habits and self-care routines that energize their life and align with their goals!


** Strategically build daily habits and routines that energize you and align with your personal growth goals. No more hustle mindset, burning the candle at both ends, or subscribing to the rise-and-grind mentality.

** Calmly navigate adversity, change, transitions and moments of uncertainty with passion, purpose, and perspective. No more fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, worry or self-sabotaging behaviour.

** Confidently prioritize your day and draw clear boundaries on your time and energy - with yourself and others - so you can stay present and intentional for the people and tasks that matter the most. No more guilt, shame, overwhelm, people-pleasing or regret.

** Intentionally take inspired action on your forgotten goals, concentrating more on the things that matter while worrying less about the things that don't. No more scattered thinking, poor focus or misguided effort.

** Lovingly accept yourself for who you are, let go of your past, and practice patience, self-love and kindness. No more negative self-talk, victimization, or blame.

** Joyously reconnect with your old hobbies, find new passions, and pursue long-forgotten dreams. No more waiting for life to slow down or looking for the perfect time to start. The best time to start was always yesterday

What's the next step?

A genuine connection between coach and client is required for us to have success. These relationships should never feel awkward or forced, and a free, no-obligation, 10-minute compatibility call is always the best starting point.

I can answer your questions and provide the information you need to confidently decide if I am the right person for you and your journey.

Perhaps you do not connect with my coaching philosophy, my hours of operation don't work for you, my delivery style and sense of humour may drive you nuts, or you may not like how I style my hair. Whatever the reason, I am cool with that; I need no explanation.


I felt scattered, overwhelmed, and a bit lost. Trevor helped me create manageable shifts in my personal and business life that moved me toward action and reignited my enthusiasm and passion. I now feel un-stuck, and my goals are not only within reach, but Iā€™m excited to see where my vision will take me!