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Helping highly sensitive chronic over-thinkers break through paralysis-by-over analysis and take action on their habits and self-care!

Group Coaching Program Summary

I help highly sensitive chronic over-thinkers - frustrated and frozen by fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm - calm their minds, find perspective, and break through paralysis-by-over analysis!

So they can efficiently navigate daily transitions, intentionally develop positive lifestyle changes, and personally take ownership of their health, happiness and wellness while going through adverse and uncertain times.

My clients go from surviving the day to thriving in life; without overwhelm, embracing the hustle culture, or employing intensive and time-consuming strategies that require them to put life on hold.

Just simple, straightforward adjustments they install in their life one day at a time; Growing sustainable habits and daily routines that re-energize their goals and foster self-love and personal acceptance along the way!

As a husband, father, chronic pain warrior, mental health advocate, entrepreneur, mindset coach, and over-thinker in recovery, I have both experienced and witnessed the loss of peace and joy that episodes of chronic overthinking, perfectionism, and procrastination can steal from our lives.

For years, when life would throw me a curveball, chaotic thinking would take root and I would begin to feel lost, confused, stuck and pulled in a million directions.   At times like these, I would feel mentally exhausted and lose all sense of self, putting my own needs, goals, dreams and desires on hold.

I would default to becoming a "people pleaser," yet ironically, I was unable to show myself the same level of love, patience, kindness and compassion I was giving others.

There is a fine line between surviving and thriving and it can be razor thin sometimes. In the end, I came to realize that we are all stronger than we think...we just need a little help and a thinking partner along the way.

When I finally acknowledged that things in my life needed to change, and accepted the fact that happiness was ultimately going to be an inside job, coaches, mentors, and learning opportunities began to appear in my world.

Fast forward many years, and today, I am a passionate mindset coach who has helped countless clients get "unstuck" and live an intentional and inspired life that feeds every inch of their soul!

Most people are only a few minor adjustments away from living a well-balanced life. These little shifts can have a BIG impact on the overall direction of their day.   Together, my clients and I address the three core challenges which keep them stuck in survival mode.

1) A LOSS OF PERSPECTIVE & CONFIDENCE - We reframe their mindset and create a clear and confident vision of their goals and identify their core challenges.

2) NO CLEARLY DEFINED STRATEGY - We create a simple and straightforward strategy to move them past their core challenges.

3) INCONSISTENT & INEFFICIENT DAILY HABITS & ROUTINES - We create daily action plans, create sustainable habits and self-care routines that are in line with their overall vision, strategy and life goals.

The result?

They calmly and confidently take ownership of their happiness, health and wellness, seize opportunities for personal growth, take inspired action, and live an engaged life on their terms!

Don't take my word for it...Here is what my client Petra had to say:

"Trevor you have the unique ability to switch my day from survival mode to thriving mode.

You are the most genuine, kind & encapsulating person; I find myself completely immersed in your every word. 

You showed you believe in me and gave me the tools to find real value and purpose, believing in myself again.

You are one of life’s real treasures, thank you so much for being you & helping me to be me, I will be forever grateful!"

How the program works; You will receive...

COURSE MATERIALS...Lifetime access to all core content videos and worksheets...when the program is done, they are yours to keep.

COACHING CALLS...12 weeks of access to our weekly 60-minute interactive group coaching calls. These live calls occur every Tuesday @ 10:15 AM MST (12:15 PM EST). Recordings/Replays of these calls are available in our private FB Community.

FIRESIDE CHATS...12 weeks of access to our weekly 30-minute live Fireside Chats every Thursday @ 9:45 am MST (11:45 am EST). These casual drop-in sessions are powerful tools in your journey. They are a great way to reground yourself each week.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP...12 weeks of access to our private FB Community. Our community offers course content, coaching call replays, bonus content, peer-to-peer conversations, brainstorming, support and accountability. It is a virtual classroom for you and your peers...the people who get you and your journey.

These relationships should never feel forced; In order to have success a genuine connection must be felt between coach and client.

I am sure you have a ton of questions, so I always recommend you start by scheduling a free no-obligation 10-minute compatibility call, where I can answer your questions and you can determine if I am the right person for you and your journey.

Roz - VCA Alumni

Toronto, Ontrario

Through your generosity and kindness, you changed my life and gave me the courage to step ahead and just do it. You helped me find my why and my purpose.

Thank you Trevor!